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Answered by Catherine Mansell (Roger Mansell's daughter).

Q: When and where will there be a funeral or memorial for Roger Mansell?

His wish was to be buried in a military cemetery and because these are in short supply, the funeral will probably be in Sacramento, a substantial distance from his residence.

In the meantime, my husband and I arranged a mass for him in Mexico City on October 28th. (Not only is his son-in-law Mexican, but over many years, both though the family and his many visits to Los Cabos and Mexico City, my dad has many Mexican friends.)

In Palo Alto, his family is making plans for a celebration of his legacy, in particular his research, the donation of his archive to the Hoover Institution, and his book, Captured: The Forgotten Men of Guam.

May this website also serve as a memorial and a place where
friends may leave their memories.

Q: Is there a place / way to make make a donation in his name to support POW research?

A: Yes, the
Descendants Group, Auxiliary of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, will happily accept tax-deductible donations to sponsor the "Roger Mansell Guest Lecture" at their annual convention.

Please send the donation to:

Judy Pruitt
23 Elwell Road
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

The check should be made out to: "Descendants Group"
and please note, "To be deposited in the Roger Mansell Guest Lecture fund."

All contributions to this fund are tax deductible. The Descendants Group federal tax ID number is 26-2278685.

For more information, please visit the website of the
Descendants Group's website.

Q: Where can I see his research?

A: On the web at
www.mansell.com and also in the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. The information you will need to make an appointment to visit the Roger Mansell Collection is here.

Q: Where can I find his book, Captured: The Forgotten Men of Guam?

A: Captured is available from the Naval Institute Press, as well as all major booksellers and on-line booksellers, including amazon.com.

You can also look for it in your local public library. If it's not on the shelf, you can ask them to order it -- the ISBN is 978-1612511146-- or request it on an inter-library loan.